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Welcome to the personal site of Hanan Cohen.

Read about me (updated 2010). Write me.

I am a member of Kibbutz Tamuz.

This is my LinkedIn profile.

I make kites.

I made some JSON tools:
I am an activist in the Israeli Web scene. A part of my activism was translating text I like for the Hebrew audience. Some of my translations are:
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Other news - Challenge your prejudices by reading news - September 11, 2011

In the Darkness - a poem

"Death Does Not Justify Death".

They are trying to kill me


Respectful comments - A Wordpress plugin - July 2011

Where are the Wikileaks mirrors? - December 2010

The Users are the Suppliers - November 2010

Sun Guidelines on Public Discourse - Copied here in November 2010

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The future of professional reporting - March 2009

Dreamhost downtime calculator

Changing Email software for the purpose of minimizing the spread of chain letters - February 2005

Mail To The Future Dot Com? - June 2004

Software harms hardware - a Microsoft ad - July 2003

The browser is not important anymore

Google - not the Operating System of the Internet - July 2003

Crutches for short term memory followed by What do you know about the story of ZooWorks? - May 2003

Why I don't write a personal weblog

Naturally followed by Are RSS newsreaders such a good idea?

RISKS, A matter of attitude.

"According to Foreign Sources" - I wanted to publish a link to information about a nuclear facility located near my home. On the way I found out that an "anti-secrecy" organization has removed information from their site due to "security concerns". I also learnt how the Internet Archive works and found out that it is not reliable, datewise.

Searching USEIT.COM.

IMAP - the best-kept secret in electronic messaging.

MoveMail - Importing Email from one mail program to another.

Other tuff
Download the Haggadah shel Pesach to your word processor.

99 Logos of Car Manufacturers - Keywords: Automobile, Automobiles, Autos, Auto, Marque, Makers, Make, Model

A well done medium is rare.