How to import Email from one client to another

Louis Rosenfeld hates Microsoft because he cannot import his Email to a Mac Entourage from a PC Outlook.

But it's so simple!

All he has to do is buy a small piece of software called "MoveMail".

MoveMail is an IMAP server that can read mail files from all popular mail clients on four Operating Systems.

If Lou wants to import his mail to another mail client, all he has to do is:
1. Install MoveMail , 2. establish a TCP/IP connection from his new machine to port 143 on his old machine, 3. log in to MoveMail and 4. download all his Email, folders structure included.

Using MoveMail, Lou can also import mail from one client to another, on the same machine.

MoveMail also comes with a bonus, LDAP. Lou can import all his contacts using this standard protocol.

MoveMail reads propriety files created by mail clients and sends them using standard protocols (IMAP, LDAP). This way, the makers of MoveMail had to learn how to read many file structures but write using only one protocol. It made their work simple and cheap.

Oh, there is one small problem. MoveMail has not been written yet. Lou (and many others) would be happy to pay a small bundle to save them the trouble of moving their mail messages from one machine to another but they can't. They depend on their Email for their professional, social and personal lives, but they are locked to one Email client on one OS.

Can you help Lou and his friends and create MoveMail?

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