The future of professional reporting

Not "professional journalism", not "Main Stream Media", not "printed/broadcasted media".

Professional Reporting.

People who get money that enables them reasonable living in order to invest time and expertise for reporting on reality. Reporting on reality that wants to change reality.

The newspaper had been printed for hundreds of years.

Slowly, the commercial service became one of the most important bodies at the service of the modern democratic system.

The newspaper had been a service to its readers and advertisers.

Readers and advertisers paid in order for the newspapers to exist.

And then came the technology that enables producing much cheaper mass communications. More media in higher speed.

Because of the decentralization of platforms that enable commercial advertising, the effectiveness of advertising is diminishing.

Less and less commercial advertising in the reporting media plus less paying subscribers mean less and less money to be invested in professional reporting.

Today, the reporting media is at a crisis.

And what about Democracy? Where will the money come from that will enable professional reporting that checks reality in order for the citizens to change it?

Where does money come from to do stuff?

Three sectors: government, business, non-profits.

Direct government funding for professional reporting that will criticize government? No chance.

Direct funding from businesses? What have they got to do with Democracy? They only want to make money.

Professional reporting done by non-profits is the only option I see.

The public, business and government give money to organizations that act as a buffer between their direct interests and the interests of the general public.

Published - March 20th, 2009
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