Where are the Wikileaks mirrors?

The information on this page was last fetched on 2010-12-26 from the Wikileaks Mirrors page.

Wikileaks is currently mirrored on 1426 up-to-date sites (updated 2010-12-21 20:29 GMT)

United States28520
United Kingdom675
Other countries23316

N/A = Server location could not be determined.

Download the raw data in a CSV file and do something interesting. The 'score' colum is 'apparent bandwidth' score given to the mirror server by WikiLeaks. Zero is best.

What this information MIGHT mean

I assume that people who host a WikiLeaks mirror site:

  1. Support WikiLeaks.
  2. Have control over a web server that can host a mirror site.
  3. Live in a country with a legal and a political situation that at least tolerates WikiLeaks.

Note that some servers have a domain with a country TLD (for example; .nl for The Netherlands) that are located in other countries.

What this information DOESN'T mean

The information shown here does NOT mean that certain countries officially support WikiLeaks more than other countries.

Who am I and why I created this page

My name is Hanan Cohen. I am an Internet activist from Israel. Visit my homepage, read about me and find contact information.

I created this page because I was curious and wanted to share my findings with the world.

WikiLeaks is about international politics and journalism.

WikiLeaks asked the people of the world to host its information in order for it to be available even when the main site goes down.

Thousands of people around the world responded positively to the request.

Who are those people? Where do they live? What can it tell us about the political climate of the countries they live in? Or maybe there are different explanations?

Those are the questions I had in mind when I started this small project.

I think it will become more interesting when time passes and we will be able to see changes in the information.

More resources about Wikileaks

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Terms of use

You are welcome to publish the information presented here in any way you wish as long as you credit Hanan Cohen or link back to this page.


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