Microsoft: "Software harms hardware"

Here is a free translation of a Microsoft ad that appears on Israeli newspapers and web banners. It half insinuates, half claims that improper installation of an OS can harm hardware.
So you let your friend install the OS...

75% of computers that their OS was not installed by the vendor, crash!

Have you bought a computer? Good. You probably know that a computer contains tens of electronic elements connected to the different devices. They are all dependent of each other and their "well being" depends on the OS. If you have let your friend install the OS for you, not always will you be able to know if the hard drive, the mother board, the modem, the display adapter, and all the rest of the important elements are functioning. So in order to avoid repair and unnecessary expenses, ask for a legal copy of Windows XP while purchasing a computer with the label : Installed by a certified Microsoft vendor.

Scanned by Halemo, July 2003, from Yediot Achronot.

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