Archiving your Yahoo! mailbox

Question: I am running out of space in my free Yahoo! mailbox. How can I archive it and free the space for more mail?

Answer: Using a mail program, you can download your mail to your computer and delete the messages from Yahoo!. Until 24.3.2002 you could have accessed your mail using a mail program like Outlook Express.

Now, you have to pay Yahoo! in order to do that.

You have two options:

1. Pay Yahoo! using a mail program to access your mailbox and download your mail to your computer.

2. Open another mailbox with a free email provider that enables you access to your mailbox using a mail program. After you have done that, you can forward your mail from you Yahoo! account to the new mailbox and use their service to archive your mail.

I have opened an account with FastMail

(First, I have opened a free account and then paid them to upgrade my account. They look serious and reliable. They impressed me by allowing IMAP access to my mailbox.)

If you want to learn more about other free mailbox providers, go to

Hope that helps.

Another answer: A program called YahooPOPS! can connect to your free Yahoo! mail account and download your Email from there.
I haven't tried it and I am not affilitated with them in any way.

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