17 July, 2007

We don't like to get into politics in this space, but since the Internet is at the heart of Israeli politics this week, a word or two on the government's plans to impose "top down" Internet censorship are in order. And in a word or two: It's not going to work.

10 July, 2007

Internet censorship in Israel will start in about a year. The law, proposed by Amnon Cohen of Shas and unanimously approved on Sunday by the Ministerial Committee on Legislation, will now be brought to the Knesset floor.
By: Eran Gabay

Great fun! Over here in Israel, it seems that we're about to get our internet censored by the state, which will decide what's good for us! (unless we sign up specifically for uncensored internet and identify ourselves as deviant porn hounds!)
By: Xeni Jardin

Of course such a law would be horrible for Israel, but it's not good for anyone else either. The article mentions that Israel is trying to adopt laws from Australia and Europe, and there seems to be a global trend toward "harmonization" on issues like these. So the more countries that pass dumb laws, the more likely it is that other countries will do so as well.
By: Rafe Colburn

08 June, 2007

Hebrew speakers can read the original bill here; my translation is below. Proposed law to limit Internet access for adults
By: Lisa Goldman

30 May, 2007

A new law proposed by conservative Israeli politician Amnon Cohen could see Internet Service Providers (ISPs) solely responsible for blocking children from accessing adult content websites, including online gambling sites.
By: Online Casino News

29 May, 2007

Sounds absurd? It is, but the law is still in the making. The Israeli blogosphere is on fire and we want the help of International bloggers to speak up and raise the issue.
By: Hanan Cohen

Law proposal by politician Amnon Cohen, from the ultra-orthodox political party shas, that is supposedly meant to protect kids from the dangers of pornography, violence and gambling sites has passed the primary voting stage in the Israeli Knesset
By: Blonde 2.0

A week from now I will be visiting Tel Aviv and spending time with a number of people involved in the Israeli Hi-Tech community. And some of these people are very concerned about the possibility of a new proposed law in Israel which would obligate Israeli ISPs to block access to all "Adult Content" (pornography, violence and gambling) websites.
By: Jeff Pulver

Hard to believe, but the powers that be in the nation of Israel could reign in free speech:
By: Dave Lucas

28 May, 2007

Internet censorship could slowly and surely find its way to Israel. Now that a new proposal “that is supposedly meant to protect kids from the dangers of pornography, violence and gambling sites” has passed the primary voting stage in the Israeli Knesset, bloggers writing in Hebrew are asking: What is next?
By: Gilad Lotan

"You will be assaulting the secularists' holy temple," close associates of Communications Minister Ariel Atias warned. Atias was not deterred: he is drafting a bill to block free access to pornography, violence and gambling websites, and means to pursue the effort.
By: Eran Gabay

21 May, 2007

Ahead of the first reading of a bill proposed by Shas MK Amnon Cohen that would require Internet providers to stop minors from accessing adult Web sites, the Knesset Economic Affairs Committee met with representatives of various ministries and technology companies on Monday.

02 May, 2007

It’s absurd, it’s surreal, it’s unbelievable, it just couldn’t be, yet it seems like nothing is going to stop it from happening. In a most ridiculous turn of events, a member of the a religious party in the Israeli parliament is promoting a new law to push Israel into the Chinese Internet era - by actively censoring the Israeli Internet to block porn.
By: fiLi

29 May, 2005

In Brief, Ultraorthodox party Shas currently holds two major positions in the Israeli Government, The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Employment and the Ministry of Telecommunication. Ariel Attias, The Minister of Telecommunication, is a young Ultraorthodox, serving his first term in the Knesset (the Israeli Parliament). Parliament Member Amnon Cohen is also a member of Shas, serving as a representative since 1999, acting as a Deputy Chairman for the Parliament and served in various positions in the past, including the parliament Monetary Committee and the Parliament’s Committee for Children’s Rights.
By: Jonathan Klinger

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